Shiva & Parvati Conversation – Art




Made this art through Ball Pens.

Lord Shiva trying to convince Parvati to not to fall in love with him

You sport Omega & wear Estée Lauder, I a street hoodlum, who just got a mug shot
I partake controlled substances, with possessions far and few

You a wine glass socialite, I a lonesome antisocial
You wear cashmere, I naturist by compulsion

In your centrally heated room u do karaoke, I a destitute
There is no glitter of Delhi here dear, power cuts abound

Marry an i-Banker lady, raise kids in east coast, I am eternally broke

My Life is not so Rosy, my Rosy, fears it has plenty
My cannabis induced ecstasy, is the stuff which horror movies are made of

O’Beauty, I am a beast, fear and trepidation my companions
My free-style vacillation is no Flamenco

Prince charming, well-groomed, with chic hair-do is what u need
A ruffian with head lice is not what girly dreams are made of!

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