Carbon copy

There are two types of retailers, categories are truly based on my observations i.e. those who develop their business units after observing the scenario of other retailers in terms of sales report, ROI etc. and they will also test the market for an year or so. On the other hand there are some leaders available, who think beyond as they are the creator of the market. They develop their own theme based on certain characters and they penetrate into a researched based demography with robust image. Recently, i visited “Siliguri”, a district of Darjeeling; which is near to “Bagdogra” airbase. I have seen sites where construction was on progress and surprised to see shopping mall’s construction along with apartments within the radius. Though, my experience is less in respective field but i am an appraiser and couldn’t desist my thoughts.

Concept is very crystal as constructor wants to hit the needs of customers in his vary ways. Now, it will depend upon the break even point of apartment areas sq.ft rates that which brands will be incorporated in the mall. Statistical data will announce the share of luxury, FMCG etc categories or it can be vice-versa. Constructor deliberately decided all key areas by keeping capacity and development of area. There are many developers and carbon copy of similar ideas are available in the country.  It is also depends on the policies which government runs and can be manipulated many times. Though, i am learning very new concepts in retailing but through this bi-meaning blog, i just want to say; retailer know how to generate money but in india we need high standard retaling not just the replication of concepts already available in other sources. Next time, when i will write; will present the resources as well. As in my beloved country everyone has a right to speak, write and follow:)

Rohit Nagpal

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