A small conversation with roadside tree

When i passed by a tree, it says; can you smell me?

Smell me!

Because I just have smell of yours so what if it is in co2 but cannot you smell me

Oh! Breathe me as o2.

Have you realized that today it was a very boring day;

As throughout the day I inhale what you create.

Of course, it was scrumptious as i produce so many fruits as ramification.

So many fruits so that few birds can spend this summer with me.

Moreover, do you know every bird talks to me;

They ask me “Can we stay with you”?

It takes them days to convince me, and

Once I approve; they start nuzzle.

Have you notice;

No! You have not because you have i-phone and blackberry.

It is evening and see slowly-slowly all my companions are coming back to me

In the dark night, they will delineate about their routine

Are you interested? Should I tell you all this too?

No! I think you are not; you look full of stress and tensions and you need rest;

No! Please you sleep by the time I will continue with my feast!

Feast, which you just provide me as breathe.

I know you must miss me, but you cannot just express this

Because we are so many in quantities,

But when it comes to you then you are unique

I have heard every author, every poet to write on me that human being is unique.

You know it sounds great but then why do you write on me?

Am I not a living being?

No, please do not give me mercy but your friendship

As I demand nothing but your companionship

Promise me, that this Sunday you will sit under the shadow of mine

And look towards me for a minute

I need you and similarly, you need me.

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