Diwali window display concept explained

Diwali being a regional festival envisioning Lacoste came across as a challenge.

VM Team drew key inspiration from how Diwali is celebrated across India.

Backdrop visual is an outcome of inspiration from the markets, fairs and cultural variations, the color card was motivated from Diwali celebrations across  India. In the South celebrations begin with puja at dawn hence Cosmic Blue hue and Prunier Violet found presence in the suspended artwork placed in the window. As evening approaches celebrations are at their prime in Northern states hence sunset colors Mandarinier Orange and Pitaya (color with shades of pink and brown) had been incorporated in the visual. The light golden circles drew inspiration from the lanterns and lights that adorn the markets of India. A window text “Celebrate the festival of lights with Lacoste” was used to connect with customers. To maximize the impact of the window animation we increased sizes of the backdrop to enhance the overall appeal of the display. Set of cylindrical forms had been used to showcase the merchandise. Mannequin styling played an important role in justifying the festive approach emphasizing a preppy & vibrant expression.

Concept executed:

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