Futuristic Storefronts and QR Codes

QR codes would be the near future of retail storefronts. Usage of QR codes for branding would increase association and Brand interactivity. For example customer touring the high street in front of brand “X” at Bangalore will just scan this code through mobile phone to review the prices, best deals/offers, campaign, portfolio to understand the philosophy and gather relevant updates prior entering its store. These codes will then become tool of education, design values, placement and positioning of the core strategies and processes. This could be one way of application; possibly some brands would use laser show techniques to showcase various expressions of the brand through projecting the various images on the facade and these QR codes will then become integral part for the show.

These images have been developed after understanding the role of QR codes in luxury brands. Please visit http://www.mobilecommercedaily.com/2011/04/26/can-qr-codes-work-for-luxury-brands to understand the functionality of .

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