Kids wear in Spring Summer 2012 & Retail Experiences – Decoded

Research says   By 2012, top ten markets (US, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy , China, India and Japan) are expected to account for an estimated $ 131.5 bn in children’s apparel retail sales.I think these figures are not good driver to start the blog with as this web template is about creative ideas, photography, art works. However, for every story a well script is essential.

I thought of sharing this segment with you after my recent visits at different malls and high streets of the country. Let me share another stanza with you without growth numbers involved well! Media exposure and promotions also cause a significant influence in the kid’s market as today kids are more fashion conscious, and are ready to experiment with clothing. Here are some of the Campaigns associated with Kid’s wear focus for Spring Summer 2012 : Featuring UCB Kids, True Religion, and CK.

Whereas advertising/communication for kid’s brand has been targeted towards women in most. Kids are becoming highly conscious when it is about selecting and wearing the dress for the occasion

Let me share an instance with you, during these winter vacations my niece visited my home with her 3 years old little angel and I was amazed to see her reactions and sense for colors while she was dressing up for a small get together at our home and this put me in situation hmmmmmmmeee ………

Ben a cartoon character’s collection, Barbie inspired looks, How to dress up; a virtual online game are easily available in both offline/ online domain and markets, therefore I believe there is a strong urge to create a differentiated retail experience and service is waiting ahead for the brands.

Visual Merchandising for Kid’s stores or corner plays an integral part for any brand. Children’s who were taken to parks and zoos before, are now coming along with their parents for buying their clothes. So, the retailers who want to take a pie of the cherry should focus on attracting the attention of children along with their parents. Excellent store presentation along with in-store music which caters directly to kid’s (A big NO!! to the nursery rhymes now) and product merchandising is vital and compulsory now. Big departmental stores have segregated their apparel categories like infant wear, ethnic wear, casual wear etc along with the key sizes as well i.e. Infants, Toddler, Kid’s, Pre-Teen, Teen.  They store a wide assortment of apparel and distinguish them with each other and

Some retailers are department stores have taken the lead in creating an in-store arrangement with play areas, and kids oriented promotions within the store. The practice of dressing girls with a frock and boys with shorts are way beyond. I have thought of few ideas which could be incorporated with kid’s sections within the stores or corners. Hope you will like these!!

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