MatchBox Art Sundar-Kand Ramayan

Sundar-Kand story on __Match Box__ cover.

I tried to depict the most beautiful and extraordinary part of Ramayan epic in “Damn 3” scenes. These illustrations are hand-made and created with ink pens.

Scene 1: Hanuman flies all over the sea in search of Sita. Kills all deadly demons on the way and enters golden Lanka.

Scene 2: Finds sita in Ashok vatika and explains his reason of visit but Sita was dubious and considered his visit as another bad magic from Ravan. Hanuman then shows her the ring which Ram presented Sita.

Scene 3: 🔥 up whole country with this tail and assures sita that her beloved husband and king Ram will surely come back to rescue her from the devil.

Alternative + creative way to share indian mythological story with your kid’s, friends and family.

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